How can retailers use mobile to drive customer engagement in-store?

Although mobile commerce has opened up new shopping opportunities, the majority of sales still happen in-store.

Software specialist Moki’s EMEA head of business development Jonathan Wharrad explains how retailers can marry in-store digital activity with online interactions and meet customer needs.

“In-store technology is an effective way to close the gap between store and online experiences”

Jonathan Wharrad, Moki

“In-store technology is an effective way to close the gap between store and online experiences,” he says.

“Consumers are well accustomed to jumping between channels, and repeatedly visiting digital touchpoints along the purchasing journey, which raises the bar in terms of the store’s expectations.”

Equipping store associates with tablet solutions has brought the ability not only to engage with consumers through technology in the store environment, but to analyse the success of digital interactions – enabling retailers to understand the engagement levels of customers with their customer-facing devices.

In control

Retailers can evaluate what content and functions shoppers have used, and tailor and optimise them accordingly to drive future use and loyalty.

“By equipping customer-facing personnel with tablets linked to catalogues and back-end systems, employees can answer queries such as product availability and alternative sizes or colours,” says Wharrad.

It also provides the opportunity to upsell complementary items, even if they’re not available in the store – as connected tablets bring endless aisle and real-time availability.

“Most powerfully of all, installing mobile technology puts consumers in total control of their store experience,” Wharrad adds.

“They can access the exact information they need, ask all the questions, in a two-way conversation with the retailer – rather than by conducting research under their own initiative.”