Retail Horizon 2024 is here. Now in its fourth year, gain access to Retail Week’s subscriber-exclusive strategic toolkit.

2024 calendar with target

In four in-depth reports, Retail Week research director Lisa Byfield-Green and our analysts explore the most significant trends that will shape the sector in the year ahead.

Retail Horizon 2024 Consumer analyses how consumers are feeling about their spending habits for next year and what retailers should do to prepare as we anticipate more shifts in behaviour. 

The second report covers how technology has become a battleground for unlocking growth potential, with investment to enhance customer experience, speed up supply chains, unlock data-driven opportunities and improve operational efficiency.

Retail Horizon 2024 Sustainability analyses the conflicting demands that are challenging progress and how retailers can accelerate their efforts to tackle climate change.  

Finally, we explore the industry, economic and political landscape to identify the risks, opportunities and winning strategies for retail.

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