Retail Week is looking for store staff to take part in a documentary focusing on high street retailers and their day-to-day operations.

Retail Week, in partnership with REPL Digital, will launch a documentary series in February 2016 looking at a ‘day in the life of a store associate’. This four-part series will focus on four high street retailers with differing consumer bases and aims to provide a better understanding of store employees’ daily routines, their challenges and their evolving relationship with the consumer.

More shoppers now demand a greater level of creative service from retailers, so the dynamic between store employees and their consumers has never been such a key part of the customer experience proposition. According to a Retail Week study of 1,000 UK consumers, 65% of shoppers noted they would prefer more creative in-store service.

If you work for a retailer, think you have an interesting message to convey and would like to be part of this documentary, please contact us for more information by January 18, 2016 on Twitter via @retailweek or @Hamilton_Alex.