New Debenhams boss Sergio Bucher unveiled an intriguing new strategy for Debenhams this morning, packed with detail on how he will turn the business around.

Here is our take on all you need to know about the five-year plan from the former Amazon executive.

1. He doesn’t believe in a target customer

While competitors such as House of Fraser, which is also embarking a transformation plan, have zeroed in on their target customer, Bucher rubbishes this traditional retail wisdom.

“Trying to stereotype a single customer is not just wishful thinking, it is almost disrespectful,” he said.

He added he was inclined to segment different groups by taste, lifestyle choices and purchasing behaviour and added that digital media would allow Debenhams to target customers in a very granular way.

2. He will use online sales to decide in-store stock

“Debenhams will now decide what brands and product to stock in each of its stores based on the online sales in its catchment”

Bucher’s strategy here is very simple but effective and leaves us wondering why it is not already standard practice.

Debenhams will now decide what brands and product to stock in each of its stores based on the online sales in its catchment.

3. He will make the shopping experience more sociable

Retail has been losing out to consumers diverting spend to leisure activities and Bucher is seeking to reverse this trend by making shopping in Debenhams a more pleasurable experience.

A Debenhams survey found two-thirds of women regard leisure to be as important if not more important than convenience when shopping.

As a result, Bucher wants Debenhams to be the leader in ‘social shopping’, which is defined as shopping being a fun leisure activity shared with friends and family and on social media.

4. He will place mobile front and centre

“Bucher has coined a ‘mobile@everywhere’ phrase that aims to ‘unify’ the entire business around mobile”

Customers no longer go anywhere without their smartphone and its importance is highlighted by rival retailer Shop Direct proclaiming mobile is driving all its growth.

Bucher has coined a ‘mobile@everywhere’ phrase that aims to ‘unify’ the entire business around mobile. In order to support this, Debenhams is investing in an upgraded mobile platform.

5. He will re-invent the own-brand range

The Designers at Debenhams range is under review as Bucher seeks to make the long-running proposition more relevant.

Debenhams will invest significantly in marketing in an attempt to create brand equity for the individual brands and give them international appeal.

6. He will tear up the risk-averse culture

Since coming in Bucher has already taken a knife to the pre-existing Debenhams culture. He believes a process-driven and head office-led culture has bred an aversion to risk and stifled innovation.

Debenhams is giving its head office more of a supporting role in order to foster creativity throughout the business.

7. He will fix the basics

Bucher’s grand vision also involves focusing on the basics as he overhauls the operational side of the business.

Unfortunately, jobs are at risk as this will include the closure of up to 10 UK stores, one of three central distribution centres, and around ten smaller regional warehouses.

In the remaining stores around 2,000 store colleagues will be moved from back of house to customer-facing roles, while the store environment itself will be ‘de-cluttered’.