Amazon is investigating allegations that one of its grocery delivery partners left drivers earning less than the minimum wage under a regime of fines and charges.

SEP Logistics, which delivers Amazon Fresh and Prime Now products across London, has been accused of imposing a £100 fine on employees for “early” deliveries to customers’ homes.

An investigation by The Telegraph exposed a host of other penalties dished out to drivers, including a £25 charge if they make a delivery two minutes outside a window and a £25 “no-show” fine.

SEP staff are supposed to receive £12 an hour, but must also cover their own van rental of between £190 and £250 per week, weekly petrol costs and insurance of £330 a month.

As a result of the excessive fines SEP dished out to workers, drivers were often left earning below the minimum wage.

An Amazon spokesman said: “We investigate any allegation that a delivery provider is not meeting our requirements and will take appropriate action if we find that to be the case.”

SEP Logistics told The Telegraph it would be refunding fines to drivers.