Amazon has revealed its UK sales and profits figures for the first time after being ordered to be more transparent by the Government.

The etail giant asked the Government to keep the figures “confidential”, but written evidence submitted to a select committee on corporation tax revealed it took £3.35bn in UK sales in 2011, recording a pre-tax profit of £74m.

The figures reveal that 45% of Amazon’s European income is from the UK with 40% coming from at £2.9bn in sales and a further £441m from other UK businesses including Lovefilm.

Amazon UK recorded sales of £2.36bn in 2010 and £1.87bn in 2009. The company also reported the amount of VAT it brought in for the UK Government at £416m in 2011.

EU public policy director Andrew Cecil, who was chastised by committee chair Margaret Hodge MP over Amazon’s “immoral” approach, said: “Although we have not publicly disclosed net sales generated from specific websites targeting EU countries or elsewhere, in response to the committee’s request, we would like to share with you on a confidential basis net sales generated from the website over the past three years.”