Launched last week, Checkout by Amazon allows the etailer’s customers to make purchases on another retailer’s website using the delivery addresses and payment information stored in their Amazon account.

Checkout by Amazon

Checkout by Amazon

The technology, which could rival PayPal and Google Checkout, can be integrated into the websites of other etailers, so customers can choose delivery addresses and card details stored at Amazon, within a third party site.

This reduces the number of steps through checkout and therefore the number of abandoned baskets should decrease. This integration will also provide a sense of security for customers who may be uncomfortable disclosing credit card details to an unfamiliar site.

There are several options for retailers who wish to integrate the technology into their site, from cut and paste buttons to advanced APIs that integrate with existing shopping baskets and order management systems.

Fees are comparable to PayPal and are assessed on a per-transaction basis and vary depending on the transaction amount. They are based on a percentage of the transaction amount plus a per-transaction fee.

Several retailers are already using the technology including The Watch Hut. UK retailers can register now at