The inside view from head of HR and training Nick Bartlett

What makes the Uniqlo ideal employee?

Someone who has an inherent desire to excel and who invests the time, effort and personal dedication to achieve both personal and business goals.

What sets apart working at Uniqlo from your competitors?

The breadth and depth of our promise to our customers to be the leader in global customer service excellence and our commitment to facilitate the development of every employee to realise their potential.

How do you strive to retain your staff?

By providing an environment based on personal accountability where every employee is encouraged to pursue their career aspirations regardless of position or experience.

How do you ensure your employees have a good work/life balance?

We encourage employees to use their annual leave and manage working hours.


Founded 1984 but dates back to a family business founded in 1949

Based Global head office is in Japan and the UK head office is on Oxford Street, London

Number of staff 47,000 worldwide

Number of stores 944 stores in 10 countries including 13 in the UK

Number of days’ leave 28 days

Employee benefits Bonus scheme, pension scheme, life insurance, private medical insurance, travel allowance and target bonuses

Work ethos An organisation where every employee has a business owner’s mind and is empowered to grow the business