UK shoppers spend more money online than any other “major” country, a report by OfCom has revealed.

OfCom reveals the average UK consumer spends more than £1,083 each year online – more than any other of the 17 major countries included in the research, in the seventh International Communications Market Report.

Australian shoppers are the second biggest spenders, splashing £842 online each year and Sweden third, spending £747 each year.

Findings also showed UK adults prefer to shop on the go. More than a fifth of smartphone users in the UK use their device to visit retail websites – the highest rate out of the five largest European countries. Germany is second with 22.6% of smartphone users visiting retail websites.

Charles Russell LLP technology and media lawyer Vanessa Barnett said: “Ofcom’s survey shows us that the UK is leading the way in internet shopping - and that the way we interact with shopping is changing.”