Thorntons has reported strong trading in its first-quarter update.

In the 14 weeks up to and including October 6, total revenues soared 28.5 per cent to£43 million, driven by sales across all channels.

Own-store sales jumped 10.3 per cent to£25.4 million, aided by improved shop environments and a focus on product.

Like-for-likes climbed 9.6 per cent during the period, helped by the unseasonable weather at the start of the quarter in July and early August. However, like-for-like growth slowed to 6.2 per cent in the last six weeks.

Thorntons franchise sales rocketed 39 per cent to£3.4 million and commercial sales shot op 80.8 per cent to£13.1 million.

Sales at online Thorntons Direct arm climbed 46.5 per cent to£1.1 million following investment by the retailer over the last financial year.

Chief executive Mike Davies said: "We are encouraged by the steady progress we are achieving with our sales and marketing-led strategy. Discounting the effect of the wet weather and the weak comparatives last year, the overall sales growth underlines solid improvements made across all sales channels.