Information to be displayed on all products
Tesco will be the first supermarket in the world to add carbon labelling to all its products, recording the amount of carbon dioxide emitted during production, transport and consumption.

Tesco chief executive Terry Leahy outlined plans 'to deliver a revolution in green consumption,' at an event hosted by sustainable development charity Forum for the Future last night.

Leahy said: 'The market is ready. Customers tell us they want our help to do more in the fight against climate change. We have to make sustainability a significant mainstream driver of consumption.'

Forum for the Future chief executive Peter Madden said: 'This is big stuff. When you have a company as powerful as Tesco and a boss as influential as Terry Leahy giving serious attention to climate change, the rest of business has to listen. This is an exciting initiative to reduce Tesco's own impacts and help customers make green choices.

'Tesco's commitment to count and display the carbon cost of every product is groundbreaking. It shows that they are serious about tackling climate change and intend to do it by helping millions of customers to make straightforward and affordable choices.'

The supermarket chain said it would halve its energy use by 2008 - two years ahead of schedule - and spend£500 million on energy efficiency by 2012.

Marks & Spencer also revealed ambitious plans this week to spend£200 million over the next five years to become carbon neutral.