Tesco is to introduce packaged software from ATG to support its e-commerce business.

Until now, Tesco.com has run on an e-commerce platform developed in-house.

At the National Retail Federation convention in New York in January, Tesco.com chief executive Laura Wade-Gery revealed that the retailer was to replace the technology that has supported the business over the past decade. She said Tesco has always focused on innovation that improves the customer experience while cutting costs.

Forrester e-commerce analyst Victoria Bracewell Lewis pointed out that Tesco’s competition, especially in the non-food space, is quickly developing fully integrated multichannel capabilities. She said that the focus the grocer is now giving to its online sales channel is a necessary step.

ATG EMEA vice-president Frank Lord added: “Even in the current economic climate, progressive retailers continue to see the value of investing in multichannel e-commerce strategies as cross-channel consistency continues to emerge as a critical component of customer experience.”