Simon Harrow, former Morrisons digital executive and Kiddicare chief operating officer has launched a company with incubator Haatch.

The company, Elevaate, provides a service that allows brands to pay for more prominent positioning on retailers’ websites.

It echoes the idea of brands such as Coca Cola or Pampers paying supermarkets to have their products placed in more prominent places in store.

Harrow said: “It allows brands to pay to position their products in key locations on retailers’ websites.” He added it helps retailers monetise “what is quite a dormant asset.”

Harrow said the solution was developed by the team at Kiddicare. “We identified a need for it at Kiddicare and we did it manually. But we wanted a platform that was dynamic and took all the pain of doing it away.”

He said the system at Kiddicare had contributed 10% of its profits.

The company is being supported by Haatch, the investment firm set up by former Kiddicare founder Scott Weavers-Wright.