Google is working with Argos on a new online advertising tool that updates shoppers with live product availability from local stores.

Called local inventory ads, Argos was among the first retailers included in the development testing, which started in January.


Google’s new advertising tool provides product information on retail items based on real-time availability.

Updated every two seconds, the feed pulls stock inventory information from across 850 Argos stores, but offers users search results based on the availability of the relevant item at their nearest store.

Argos digital marketing controller Matt Roberts said: “Connecting digital customers to stores allows them to get hold of those products immediately and also works in harmony with our new fast track collection offer, where those who have pre-paid online can get their purchase in their hands in as little as 60 seconds.

“Core to the Argos model is our real-time view of stock and using that as part of our mission to be at the forefront of digital is key to our success.”

Google’s advertising tool is designed to drive online shoppers into physical stores by offering localised information as well as real-time product availability.

Argos worked with online retail specialist Summit to deliver this Google initiative.