Very infrequently, it’s possible to single out a local Store of the Week, and Nash & Gardner’s Budgens in Islington makes the grade; a stone’s throw from your correspondent’s house.

It has just emerged from a makeover, fitted out by shopfitter Itab, and the outcome is a store that embodies all that a convenience store for a specific location should be.

From the new racing green fascia to an interior with everything from ‘Cook’ ready-to-serve meals to specialist meat, this store is about meeting the needs of a metropolitan community that buys products to be consumed on the same day, from a good-looking environment.

It is the mid-shop island, however, that really marks this one out, with low glass and off-white wood counters offering ‘Juice’, ‘Cuisine’ (aka deli products) and pre-packed sushi.

Couple all this with a mix of manned and self-serve checkouts, and the Islington convenience shopper is offered something that any of the major supermarkets would be hard pressed to better.