Think of Canada Goose and the image for many is of large padded jackets for braving the Arctic wastes.

Now the brand has opened a store on Regent Street, and the windows of this grand corner-site neo-classical exterior give a heavy hint about what lies within, with what looks like an ice floe, snowflakes and heavily insulated mannequins and busts.

Within, there is the kind of icy minimalism that you might expect to be the result if you sat down and tried to work out what you might do to promote a range of winterwear garments.

There are stark matt-black walls, off-white wooden floors and walls and marble mid-shop display tables.

In the basement there is also a particularly fetching graphic on one of the black walls that features a red jacket that has been ‘exploded’, in order that all of the elements that go into its manufacture can be seen.

The inference in this store is that what you see is what you get, meaning it is distinctly different from the rest of what is on Regent Street.