Canadian fast-fashion retailer Ardene’s new store-cum-hangout in Quebec marks a shift to targeting younger women and becoming more multichannel.

‘Never Stand Still, Attainable Style, Limitless Inspiration.’ Whatever you think of straplines, there’s no doubting the ambition of the words used by Canadian fast-fashion retailer Ardene when applied to its recently opened store in Saint-Jérôme, Quebec.

Designed by Dalziel & Pow, the outpost caters to a broad range of girls and women between the ages of 10-40, but it has begun a shift towards the trend-driven, socially connected world of the Generation Z consumer.

It does so with a 15,000 sq ft store intended to be a hangout that will eventually host events and pop-ups, in-store fashion makeovers and personalisation services.

A pastel colour palette has been used throughout, supposed to pick up on the tones used in Gen Z social media feeds, and geometric lighting, ‘structured’ mid-floor fixtures and bold graphics contribute to the sense of a store targeting a younger demographic.

The store interior has also been deliberately fashioned to mimic elements of the newly made-over website, as part of enhancing a multichannel approach.