Dutch confectionery company Tony’s Chocolonely has opened an Amsterdam superstore where customers can create their own chocolate flavours.

Tony’s, which was founded in 2005, produces a variety of chocolate flavours with the aim of eradicating slavery in the confectionery industry.

Found in Amsterdam, Tony’s Chocolonely Super Store is a colourful shop where customers are encouraged to discover more about Tony’s mission and the current issues with slavery in chocolate production, with the help of store colleagues.

The store has a giant chocolate vending machine with each of the brand’s various flavours available to purchase, as well as “rainbow packs” featuring one of each of its most popular bars.

Each flavour on the vending machine has two levers: one to try the chocolate and one to buy a bar.

Customers are also able to make their own custom chocolate bars, choosing the base chocolate and any additional flavourings, as well as the packaging design.

Custom chocolate bars take around 90 minutes to produce in-store and cost €7.50 (£6.48).

Aside from the chocolate, Tony’s store sells branded merchandise, such as T-shirts and tote bags, as well as books about the cocoa industry.