Fashion retailer Sonia Rykiel has taken a leaf from another area of retail and adorned the walls of its Paris store with thousands of books.

The top end of fashion retail is usually characterised by a determination to keep things minimal - the less is more school of visual merchandising.

Travel to Paris and visit the Sonia Rykiel store on the Boulevard St Germain at the moment however and things are different.

The store has been turned into a pop-up library and 50,000 tomes have been used to create the appearance of a bookshop in which there happen to be a few clothes. The aim is to mark the fact that booksellers in the area have been in catastrophic decline.

Practically, this translates as wall-to-wall books with niches in which garments are displayed and in front of which the occasional mannequin grouping is poised.

A sceptic might be inclined to remark that using books as a backdrop is perhaps symptomatic of the death of the bookseller, but it is hard not to be impressed by the store.

The same format is planned for the Sonia Rykiel shops in Tokyo and London.