Natural cosmetics and skincare retailer Lush has opened its biggest ever store, on Oxford Street

Lush, the eco-friendly cosmetics and skincare retailer has opened a three-floor, 9,300 sq ft store on Oxford Street. Designed in-house and with architecture by Leeds-based Design Time, the new store is 13 times larger than the company average and features a raft of new products as well as an interior that takes recycled products as the foundation of its materials palette.

Each floor has been designed to provide a different experience with the ground floor offering core skincare, haircare and make-up products while upstairs has been set aside for gifts, bathing and an event area where parties can be held. In the basement there are treatment rooms in a “Lush Spa” and a “Gorilla Perfume” gallery has been installed, aimed at showing the different ambiances associated with selected Lush products.

The store opened on Friday and is intended to be a pointer towards larger stores in the US, according to international project manager Jen Hilton.