Apple has updated in-stores displays in its US shops to better showcase new products and simplify the in-store experience for customers.

Apple has updated display layouts

The retailer has rolled out changes across its US stores to better display its most recent product ranges. IPods have been moved to Apple’s accessory walls alongside headphones and mobile phone cases so that shoppers can purchase them off the shelf. Apple has also moved the iPod to the accessories section of its website.

The revamp follows on from changes to draw focus to the Apple Watch range.

Apple stores in the US will also update how product and pricing information is displayed. That information was shown on iPads next to the products, but pricing and product details will now be uploaded onto each device being sold.

Customers told the retailer that the original set-up was confusing. The updated system will give shoppers information about the product while still allowing them to interact with devices directly, rather than having to check product details on a separate iPad.

Removing the iPads will free up space to install more devices for shoppers to test in-store.