Gymshark is sharpening its focus with the launch of a new brand platform to set it apart from an “ever-growing list of athleisure and sportswear players in the market”.


The aim of Gymshark’s new ‘We Do Gym’ brand builder is to help it stand out in a crowded market

The Solihull-based fitness retailer has launched a new brand platform under the banner ‘We Do Gym’ as it looks to position itself as the go-to name for gym wear.

The new platform – which tells the origin story of Gymshark – will host all the retailer’s brand and marketing activity for the coming 12 months and clearly position the brand in a different space to the “ever-growing list of athleisure and sportswear players in the market.”

The retailer said the new platform “brings a real singularity and focus to Gymshark’s marketing and brand building” strategy and shows that the brand is “100% dedicated to the gym”.

Chief brand officer Noel Mack said: “At Gymshark, we’ve never really followed in the footsteps of anybody else – and we’re getting very intentional about that.

“People sometimes mistake us for a sports brand or an athleisure brand, but we’re a gym brand. That’s a new idea to many, but to us, it’s our reason for existing, and for our community, it’s their reason to believe in us.

“In a world of fast scrolling and short attention spans, we wanted to find a way to tell consumers everything they need to know about us in the shortest most understandable way we could, and I think we pulled it off: ‘Gymshark, We Do Gym’.”