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    Gross sales rIse at Lotte Shopping


    Lotte Shopping’s gross sales rose 20.3% to SKW5.5trn (£3.1bn) in its second quarter for 2011. Operating profit rose by 8.1% to SKW437bn (£243.8m) while net profit soared by 17.1% to SKW301bn (£167.9m).For the first six months, gross sales climbed 23.8% to SKW11.2trn (£6.25bn). In terms of sales, the group’s Lotte ...

  • Supermarkets can learn different things from deli-led markets such as Borough, which serve up a food experience, and more traditional markets, which focus on service and product knowledge

    Super markets


    Food retail store design thinking says that supermarkets lack character and that if elements of traditional markets can be put into them, all will be well. But is this viable? John Ryan reports

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    Tesco Asia trip shows grocer is realising global rewards


    Analysts believe Tesco is “beginning to enjoy the benefits of its global scale” after the grocer ran an investor trip to Asia this week.

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    Lotte Shopping Q3 sales up 23.1% to £1.9bn


    Lotte Shopping has reported a strong set of results for its third quarter with gross sales up 23.1% to KRW3.5trn (£1.9bn). Operating profit was up by 44.7% to KRW241bn (£133m), while net profit increased 25.7% to KRW183bn (£86m). It had a good performance in all divisions, with like-for-like sales growth ...

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    Ikea to enter South Korea


    Ikea Group president and chief executive Mikael Ohlsson has reiterated comments made on a recent trip to Delhi that the retailer is preparing for market entry into South Korea. He has also confirmed the retailer’s plans to enter the Croatia and Serbian markets in the next few years.

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    Hyundai department store Ilsan, Seoul


    The newly-opened Hyundai department store in Ilsan, just outside Seoul, is the kind of thing that you just don’t see in Europe or North America these days. This is 430,000 sq ft of retail space, organised over 10 floors, with everything from a supermarket and deli in the basement, to ...

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    South Korea parliament considers limits on supermarket business


    The country’s parliament is considering two bills that would impose restrictions on the opening and business of large supermarkets. Under one bill, currently passing through parliament, opening an urban supermarket with an area of between 10,760 sq ft and 32,290 sq ft would require permission from the local government. ...

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    Slow road to South Korea will help Ikea’s prospects


    Ikea has reported that group sales for the year ended August 31, 2010, rocketed 7.7% to €23.1bn (£19.2bn).

  • Tesco hypermarket, China

    Tesco’s Far Eastern promise


    Combining its global scale with local knowledge is key to Tesco’s growth in Asia, incoming chief executive Phil Clarke tells Jennifer Creevy