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  • Marks & Spencer

    M&S exits five Balkan countries to refocus eastern European expansion


    M&S is to pull out of five Balkan countries next year as it aims to focus on more successful markets in the region, including Romania and Poland.

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    Polish businessman Mariusz Switalski to compete for control of Mercator


    Polish businessman Mariusz Switalski, co-founder of the Eurocash, Biedronka and Zabka retail chains, as well as Czerwona Torebka, aims to acquire grocer Mercator.A fund associated with Switalski has started negotiations with Mercator and signed a confidentiality agreement.There has been no official comment from Switalski or his team.However, sources say he ...

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    Grocer Mercator to expand services


    Grocer Mercator will expand its services to mobile, tourism and petrol stations. The retailer also announced further sales of properties.“It is not enough to offer some basic products to be different, everybody can do that,” said Mercator director of strategic finance and risk management Dean Cerin, adding that the retailer ...

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    Mercator signs contract with Drvopromet to take over its trade business


    Grocery retailer Mercator has signed a contract with Bosnia and Herzegovina-based Drvopromet to take over its trade business, securing 63 Drvopromet stores in a long-term lease. The agreement, which is based on strategic ties and is awaiting a green light from Bosnia and Herzegovina’s competition protection office, makes Mercator the ...

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    Mercator reports first-half revenue of €1.4bn


    Mercator has reported first-half revenue of €1.4bn (£1.24bn), up 6.1% year-on-year. Net profit grew by 4.9% to €18.5m (£16.3m). The company’s measures for the period included lowering the prices of more than 2,000 products, which required an investment of almost €12m (£10.6m). The sales area of the company’s operations grew ...

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    Mercator sales up 3.2%


    Mercator has reported sales of 1.33bn (£1.10bn), up 3.2% year-on-year.Its profit increased 57% to 18m (£14.7m). Mercator has invested about 45m (£37m) in the first half of the year, mainly in developing its retail network.