Shopping around - Badshop - WHSmith, Platform 10, Euston Station

'The WHSmith at Euston's platform 10 should have become a daily stop-off for me, and other busy commuters on their way in to the office, but instead I always do all that I can to avoid it.

'The store is very badly laid-out. It makes no concessions to the obvious - that almost everyone at this mainline station wants to be able to get in and out again as quickly as possible.

'Lingering to browse among the products is hardly an option, since the store's product range is so very small and limited.

'With the shopping tills placed right in the middle of the store, the smallest of queues easily cuts the shop in half and causes complete chaos.

'I can see that the unit that WHSmith has is clearly a very tricky shape to have to design for, but that really is no excuse for not trying.'