MPs called to rally against EU legislation
The British Retail Consortium (BRC) today called on MPs to save the British pinta from proposed European Commission (EC) legislation, which could mean it disappears from UK shops.

The proposals set out to align measurements with other EU countires, meaning milk would be bought in litres rather than the traditional pint.

Over the past three years, the EC has allowed for national variations among EU member states. However, it is calling on all 25 member states to provide certain pre-packed products in specified quantities.

A half-litre pack contains 64 millilitres less than a pint and BRC director of food & consumer policy Andrew Opie says: 'This legislation is just another example of unnecessary legislation the European Commission is trying to impose on member states. Feedback from retailers is that consumers are happy with the current pint measurement and would not want to see changes in this area.'

The legislation is due to be voted on by MEPs in the European Parliament this Thursday and the BRC - which claims a change will cause customer confusion - has sent letters to UK MPs to ask them to support the call to save the British pint.