Skate and huss are off the menu
Sainsbury's is to scale back its fish varieties to help conserve stocks.

Skate and huss, members of the shark family, will not be sold at Sainsbury's 300 fish counters from next week, because their numbers are regarded as dangerously depleted.

Sainsbury's is following in the footsteps of Marks & Spencer and Waitrose. The latter stopped selling certain lines of unsustainable fish stocks last year.

Swordfish, marlin and Dover sole will be reviewed by Sainsbury's. The sustainability of farmed fish, such as salmon, will also be assessed.

The Marine Conservation Society praised the move. Fisheries officer Bernadette Clarke said: 'By refusing to sell endangered species and fish from unsustainable sources and taking the initiative to help customers understand the issues and choices, large retailers can effect real change for marine conservation and help reverse decades of over-fishing of our oceans.'

Sainsbury's now plans to promote seasonally abundant fish as part of its In Season fish, fruit and vegetable campaigns.