Independent music retailer Rough Trade has revealed a sales surge of 17.5% in the 52 weeks to March 31 as it lays out plans for more stores.

The retailer, which operates stores in Notting Hill and Brick Lane, London, said in the year to date revenue increased 10.5% “despite challenging conditions that have led larger retailers to report a fall in sales”.

HMV yesterday revealed sales in its UK and Ireland stores declined 8.2% in the 16 weeks to April 24.

Rough Trade, which also sells online, has plans to open more shops as it looks to expand the business.

Rough Trade director Stephen Godfroy said:  “These are undeniably impressive results, testament to the expertise and dedication of our staff, and the resulting edited offer and trusted recommendations we provide our customers.

“The focus for Rough Trade over the next year or so will be increasing our accessibility to people across the UK and beyond, online and offline – whilst making the most of our independent ethos and ownership, happily defying expectations and perceptions of music retail in the process.”