The family–run Croydon furniture business devastated by a blaze during rioting in August is preparing to apply for planning permission to build a new store on the same site.

Independent furniture shop House of Reeves had to be demolished after being burned down in one of the most harrowing images of last month’s riots.

The 144-year old business also lost £250,000 worth of stock.

The current owner, Maurice Reeves, is now preparing a planning application to build a modern showroom with apartments above on the same site on Reeves Corner, so named because the store has been such a prominent part of the community for so long.

Reeves’ insurers had reportedly tried to persuade him to relocate, but he insisted on remaining on the site his family had occupied since 1867, according to the Financial Times.

It also has a smaller store on the opposite side of the road from the main building, and has seen an uplift in sales since the original building was destroyed.

The family has received donations from well-wishers and loyal customers in excess of £10,000 since the fire.