Retail sales volume unexpectedly jumped in July by 0.8 per cent, giving some respite to the UK’s struggling high street.

According to the Office for National Statistics, between July and June, sales volume in food stores rose 0.3 per cent. Sales volume for non-food stores increased 1.3 per cent.

Sales volume in the three months to July rose 0.7 per cent, compared with the previous three months. This follows a 0.6 per cent growth in the three months to June.

For the latter period, growth in sales volume rose 0.1 per cent for food stores. Non-food store sales increased 1.2 per cent.

Total sales volume in the three months to July was 3.9 per cent higher than the same period a year ago.

ONS reported a record rise in retail sales for May, followed by a record fall for June.