Welcome to Retail Navigator.

Retail Navigator focuses on the key strategies of over 150 retailers, including SWOT and financial analysis. 

Retailer profiles 

Our retailer profiles comprise separate tabs for data (the Dashboard), Strategy, Financials, and SWOT, making it easy to find what you need fast.  

Using the Dashboard, you can quickly scan key metrics to assess performance.

Navigator Tesco dashboard

You’ll find additional charts and detailed information in the Financials tab. 

For information on how our financials and forecasts are compiled, please see the FAQ page.

Each profile includes an Overview detailing need-to-know facts about the retailer.

Navigator Tesco overview

The SWOT analysis gives a forward-looking view of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats for each retailer in an easily digestible format. 

Where applicable, company structures are discoverable via our parent/child architecture, allowing you to see relationships at a glance, such as Boohoo as the owner of Debenhams, or Frasers Group as the parent to Jack Wills. If you access John Lewis Partnership, for example, you’ll see group information and data that links to separate profiles for John Lewis and Waitrose. Check the Group Companies tab to see the group at a glance.

Navigator John Lewis Partnership Group Companies

Helping you to identify partnership opportunities

If you’d like to see what retailers are prioritising, there is search functionality to do so. 


The Strategy section identifies the key focuses for each retailer, giving you a deeper understanding of their priorities.  

Supporting you to have the right conversations at the right time 

Retail Navigator will support you with the information you need to identify new partnership opportunities and to have informed conversations at the right time. 

Do get in touch and let us know if you have any questions or feedback.