Property News - UK prime shop rents rise by 1.4 per cent

Across the UK, prime shop rents increased last year by an average of 1.4 per cent over the six months from April to September, according to the latest 50 Centres survey from Jones Lang LaSalle. London's Regent Street was the top-performing retail centre, with 17.2 per cent rental growth.

Outside London, the greatest increase came from the Northeast region, where Middlesbrough saw top rents grow by 12 per cent and Hull by 8.8 per cent. Rental values in Scotland continued to fall.

The latest growth spurt means Hull has experienced the greatest rental growth over the past year, with a steep 40 per cent increase in rental values.

Top rents in the city are£140 Zone A. Jones Lang LaSalle associate director Nick De-Pons said: 'The high rental growth achieved in Hull over the past year can be attributed to the increased level of interest from retailers in the town, as the offer is being expanded with a new shopping centre development.'

Outside central London, the highest achieved rent was recorded in Birmingham at£315, followed by Newcastle-Upon-Tyne at£310, Manchester at£300, Leeds at£266 and Kingston-Upon-Thames at£265.