Property News - Freeport drives outlet expansion

Freeport is seeking to expand floorspace at a number of factory outlet centres.

The developer has obtained planning consent for a 2,200 sq m extension to its Freeport Talke factory outlet near Stoke.

It has also made an application for 5,575 sq m of extra space at its Castleford scheme in Yorkshire, where it hopes to capitalise on increased footfall generated by the opening later this year of an Xscape scheme.

The outcome of a Public Inquiry late last year into plans to double the size of Freeport's Fleetwood outlet to 26,000 sq m is being eagerly awaited.

Freeport's plans to open a factory outlet, Excaliber, on the Czech/Austrian border, have been delayed until the autumn because of the time being taken to exchange leases. Terms have been agreed on 60 per cent of the scheme.