Plymouth Co-op turns to ntl to pep up delivery

Plymouth and South West Co-op is pioneering the use of a new service from ntl business aimed at eliminating home delivery problems.

The retailer has signed up to use Internet Retaileye, the latest version of the Retaileye system, which allows retailers access to their suppliers' stock systems to check availability and delivery dates.

Shoppers have 21 million purchases delivered every year, but viewers of BBC's Brassed Off Britain consumer programme blamed problems with home delivery as one of the 10 worst aspects of life in the UK.

By streamlining the ordering and delivery process, ntl business claims it can solve one of retail's greatest challenges. 'People waste their days off waiting for deliveries that never materialise,' said Jean Quaife, implementation manager at ntl's business division. 'We offer a single system with infinitely less margin for error.'

Plymouth and South West Co-op will install the free Web-based solution at its flagship Derry's department store in Plymouth, and its four Homemaker outlets.