Tesco’s unlucky streak continues as a Welsh cash point intended to read “free cash withdrawals” is woefully mistranslated.

Nothing appears to be going right for Tesco at the moment. Even with the best of intentions things keep turning sour.

Tesco helpfully decided to place a sign in Welsh above a cash point at its Express store in Aberystwyth. It proudly stated “codiad am ddim”. However, it should have read “arian am ddim”.

As a consequence, the good citizens of Aberystwyth were offered “free erections” rather than “free cash withdrawals”.

Local councillor Ceredig Davies went down to check out the sign after talk of it spread like wildfire.

Davies gave Tesco 10 out of 10 for attempting to use the Welsh language but said that it would have been well-advised to run the sign past a Welsh speaker before erecting it.