Former Walmart and Asda director Judith McKenna is to join rugby coaching legend Sir Clive Woodward to identify what makes a great store team. 

Judith McKenna

Judith McKenna is to co-chair a study of high-performing retail teams

The pair will co-chair a global study on ‘The Secret DNA of High-Performing Teams’, working with retailers and consumer brands, including All Saints, Boots, Ikea, Levi’s Primark, Tesco and British Airways.

The study, devised by behavioural analytics and AI coaching specialist KultraLab, is designed to “provide organisations with a framework and measurement index for high-performance behaviours”. It can also be used as a benchmarking tool.

McKenna was chief financial officer and chief operating officer at Asda before taking up a variety of senior roles at Walmart. She was most recently president and chief executive of the retail giant’s international division and stood down at the end of last month.

McKenna said: “I have observed first-hand across many different countries and environments the impact a great team can make not only on the customer experience but also on team engagement.

“Gaining insights into the what and the why of great retail teams will benefit individuals globally and contribute to an overall improvement of the experiences of those working in it.”

KultraLab founder and chief executive Steve Baggi said of McKenna’s involvement: “We feel very fortunate to benefit from her insights and experiences.”

McKenna will chair a panel discussion on the study’s findings at World Retail Congress in Paris, France in April.