The latest fashion retailer to jump on the Asos bandwagon of catwalk videos is Boden, which has begun using them to accompany some of its womenswear and girlswear products.

While I’m a big promoter of technological advancement, I wonder in this case whether Boden will find the sales lift on products with videos pays for the cost of their creation.

Boden already does a fantastic job of selling to customers who can’t feel or try on what they are going to buy. It has taken the best of catalogue merchandising and recreated it for the web, with a trends guide and outfit maker tool.

Plus it has already successfully added customer reviews providing potential purchasers with the voices of its “yummy mummy” customer base at the web point of sale. Surely a much better way to help Boden’s core middle-class mothers customer base make up their minds than a few mini movies featuring size 8 to 10 models strolling down a catwalk.