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Reinvesting cost savings to boost customer experience

Did you become a lean retail machine in 2021?
Now is a crucial time when retailers and brands can reprioritise, drive down costs and reinvest those savings in the areas that really count, rather than investing in tech for tech’s sake.
A lean approach to retailing and intelligent investments won’t just save pennies; it will deliver greater customer experience and, in turn, spend.
Makes sense. But how do you make it happen?
Retail Week brought together an expert panel, in partnership with Rackspace, to find out. We were joined by Gousto, Amazon Web Services and Rackspace to discuss:

  • Shifting focus – Which tech innovations to prioritise over the year ahead
  • Future fit – The most impactful areas to roll back and drive down costs
  • Leading change – How to ensure organisational buy-in at every level
  • Setting the pace – Leading retailers reveal how they’ve successfully reinvested in CX