System Update: FAQs

  • What system update is happening?
    • Answer
    • We are moving platforms which will provide a better account experience for loyal subscribers and those new to the community. Like any meticulously planned operation, we anticipate that despite our very best efforts, some blips may occur. Our customer services and technical teams will be on hand to iron out any issues as quickly as possible and get you up and running with your subscription.
  • What will happen next?
    • Answer
    • Look out for a password reset email – this is simply part of the process for setting up your account on our new system. Please complete this step within 1 hour of receiving the link to retain access to Retail Week. Don’t worry if you don’t respond in time, you will be able to request another reset password link.
  • What is happening to my payment?
    • Answer
    • If you were expecting a payment to be taken during our system freeze, this payment will not have been taken. You will not lose access to your subscription if payment is not received as normal.

      We will be contacting all individual subscribers to support them in re-instating their payment schedule and continued access to Retail Week. This will be in accordance with the type of subscription you currently have so do not worry if you don’t get contacted immediately.

  • Why does my account area look different?
    • Answer
    • You will see some changes to the information you can see on your account or profile. There will also be some additional information you can complete to tell us more about yourself. If you are concerned about any of the information showing on your account, contact our customer services team on or call +44 20 8955 7038.
  • Why does the sign-in page look different?
    • Answer
    • We have moved to a new platform which will provide you with a better experience. We hope you will soon be familiar with our fresh look and will find it easier to use.
  • Why does the payment link I was sent by email before 20th April not work?
    • Answer
    • Any payment system links sent to you before 20th April will no longer work. We will contact you to re-instate your payment schedule and continued access to Retail Week.