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Mercadona is a leading grocery retailer in Spain, founded in 1977 by the Carnicas Roig group. From its beginnings as a butcher shop in Valencia, the family-owned retailer has expanded to operate more than 1,600 stores in Spain and over 300 supermarkets in northern Portugal. It also sells groceries online.

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    Gross sales rise at grocer Mercadona


    Mercadona’s gross sales rose 7% to E17.8bn (£15.55bn) in 2012. Net income also increased 7% to E508m (£443.7m).The grocer invested E650m (£567.7m) to open 60 stores and hired 4,000 employees during the year, giving it a total staff count of 74,000.Mercadona is reportedly postponing global expansion.

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    Mercadona reports gross sales increase


    Mercadona’s gross sales rose 8.2% to E17.8bn (£14.98bn) in 2011 over 2010. Net income increased 19% to E474m (£398.8m).The retailer invested approximately E540m (£454m) in opening a total of 46 new stores and hired 6,500 new employees in 2011, bringing the total to 70,000. Mercadona said it is ready to ...

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    Mercadona considers international expansion


    Spanish grocer Mercadona could be about to start international expansion, beginning with Italy. The retailer is said to be negotiating the acquisition of a small chain in northern Italy of 30 to 40 stores.If successful, the deal will be announced this month. Mercadona started looking at a number of potential ...

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    Mercadona gross sales up 6.3% to £341m


    Grocer Mercadona has reported gross sales of E16.5bn (£14.2bn) for the 2010 fiscal year, up 6.3% from last year. Net income was E398m (£341m), a 47% increase compared with 2009. The company invested about E600m (£515m), opening a net total of 46 stores.Mercadona reduced prices by an average of 4% ...

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    Mercadona to invest in new supermarkets


    Supermarket chain Mercadona will invest €51m (£42.8m) in the opening of between 17 and 20 new supermarkets in the Balearic Islands over the next five years, according to external relations director Juan Antonio German.Mercadona will open 10 stores in Mallorca, three in Menorca and another four in Ibiza. The company ...

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    Mercadona sales up to £13.8bn


    Mercadona has reported gross sales of €15.5bn (£13.8bn) for its 2009 financial year - up 0.8% on the year before.Net income declined 16% to €270m (£240.7m).The grocery retailer invested about €600m (£534.9m) in the business over the year, opening a further 74 stores to take its total to 1,264 supermarkets ...

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    Mercadona to test Wincor Nixdorf automated checkout


    Mercadona will be the first retailer to test Wincor Nixdorf’s new prototype of a fully automated checkout in the retailer’s laboratory later this month.According to Wincor Nixdorf, the new prototype for an automated checkout will for the first time make it possible to accurately read more than 95% of the ...