Grocer Kroger reported that sales for the full year increased 7.1% to $82.2bn (£50.5bn).

Excluding fuel, total sales increased 3.4% while like-for-like sales were up 2.8%. Net income amounted to $1.12bn (£688m), compared with the $70m (£43m) reported in fiscal 2009. Operating profit totalled 2.65% of sales during the fiscal year.

For the fourth quarter, Kroger said it gained market share due to an increase in shopper traffic while holding its position in markets where it competes with Walmart Supercenters.

Total fourth-quarter sales, including fuel, increased 7.4% to $19.9bn (£12.2bn). Excluding fuel, fourth-quarter sales increased 4.2% while like-for-like sales were up 3.8%.