The coronavirus crisis will wipe $2.1trn (£1.7trn) off of global retail sales in 2020, new data has predicted.

Experts from research and advisory firm Forrester have warned it will take four years for retail sales to bounce back to pre-pandemic levels following this year’s anticipated 9.6% slump.

Europe’s largest economies are expected to be the worst hit by the health emergency.

Retail sales in the UK, France, Germany, Spain and Italy combined are forecast to slide €260bn (£225.9bn) this year. The decline would mark a 10.4% drop in sales on 2019 levels.

Forrester’s research suggests UK retail sales will plummet £56bn, or 11.4%, on last year’s total.

Coronavirus is predicted to leave a $321bn hole in retail sales in the US – a 9.1% decline year on year.

In Canada, Forrester expects retail revenues to fall $25bn, which would represent a 7.7% slowdown in sales.

China is predicted to be the worst-hit market in the Asia Pacific region, after it lost $192bn in retail sales during January and February alone compared to the same two months last year.

Asia Pacific as a whole is expected to suffer a $767bn retraction in retail sales year on year – 10% of last year’s total.

Forrester principal forecast analyst Michael O’Grady said: “Covid-19 is significantly impacting the global retail landscape.

“Retail categories like grocery and essential consumables are performing well, while other categories like fashion, beauty and cosmetics are seeing a marked decline in consumer spend.

“In 2020, there will be a significant decline in global retail sales, particularly with non-essential items sold offline, which will be a big challenge for brick-and-mortar retailers. Online sales, however, will be more resilient.”