Further high street stores have been caught selling sexy clothes for children, according to an investigation by The Sun.

Following yesterday’s revelations that Primark was selling a padded bra for children – which the fashion retailer withdrew and apologised for – the Sun newspaper said it found further offending products on the shelves of other retailers.

It said it found a £10 low-cut padded diamante bikini for 8-year olds at Tammy, a brightly coloured padded bra in size 28AA in Tesco, and Next and Peacocks sold padded bras in the girls’ sections.

All the retailers responded to the newspaper. A Tammy spokeswoman said: “Having reviewed the products we will be withdrawing them from sale.”

Tesco promised to review where the tiny bras are sold in stores, while Next boss Simon Wolfson said: “We will look into the issue. If anything needs changing, we will do it immediately.”

Peacocks boss Richard Kirk said: “We have started checking every product to make sure everything is appropriate.”

Primark said yesterday it had pulled the range and will donate any profits to a children’s charity.

The £4 bikini sets attracted allegations about the “premature sexualisation” of children and were labelled “disgraceful” by Conservative leader David Cameron, who has previously criticised other retailers for similar reasons.