Retail Week terms of business

Consultancy Services Module

Where, as part of a Contract, we provide consultancy services or deliverables, as noted on the relevant Order Form, the following additional terms will apply to the Contract.

The Order Form will specify whether the fees are fixed or are calculated on a time and materials basis. If fees are stated as a fixed total amount, that is not a guarantee that the Services will be completed and Deliverables will be delivered for that amount.

Where fees are calculated on a time and materials basis, the Order Form will show our daily rate for each individual person. Daily rates are calculated based on an eight-hour day worked between the hours of 8am to 6pm in the jurisdiction in which the Services are performed.

The fees exclude hotel, subsistence, travel and other ancillary expenses reasonably incurred by us in our provision of the Services.

We are entitled to charge an overtime rate of 25% of the standard daily fee rate on a pro-rata basis for any time worked outside the hours specified in the Order Form.

We will invoice you for the fees at the intervals specified on the Order Form. If no intervals are specified, we will invoice you at the end of each month for Services performed and Deliverables delivered during that month.

You are responsible for inspecting the Deliverables and any defect must be reported to us in writing within 30 days of our provision of the relevant Deliverable(s). We will not be in breach of a Contract nor liable to you for any defect in Deliverables which are reported after 30 days after they have been provided to you.

If we deliver Deliverables which do not comply with a Specification, you may refuse to take delivery of those Deliverables only, but you must accept any other Deliverables delivered pursuant to the same Contract which do comply with the relevant Specification.