Retail news round-up: Shoppers increase their spending in the UK and Tesco pulls Heineken brands from shelves

Tourist spending in the UK surges amid Brexit

Shoppers from China, who account for 33% of UK tax-free shopping, increased their spending by 103% compared to February last year, The Times reports.

Owing to the fall in pound and tax-free buying, the total international UK tax-free spending has increased by 55%.

According to Global Blue, Qatari shoppers took second position with 8% increase in their spending and accounting for the highest average expenditure, at £1,736 per transaction.

Visitors from Kuwait were third, with a 67% increase followed by those from the UAE at 38%, Saudi Arabia at 68% and Hong Kong at 97%.

Tesco removes Heineken Brands from shelves amid Brexit

Tesco has pulled from its shelves eight Heineken brands including Amstel, Sol and Kingfisher beer, refusing to accept the brewer's price rises, The Guardian reports.

Tesco has been not stocking several brands of Heineken for six weeks as price negotiations between the companies did not reach a compromise.

Heineken have argued that inflation since the Brexit vote has pushed up its costs, with an unexpected increase in alcohol taxes in the Budget earlier this month.