Retail round-up on June 23, 2016: Tesco reveals new Polish distribution centre, PPF demands FRP Advisory as second BHS administrator, Usdaw demands open talks on pension changes, Paris Mayor to fight against Amazon Prime Now service

Tesco reveals new Polish distribution centre

Tesco has ended speculation that it will exit Poland and instead announced plans to open a new distribution centre at Segro Logistics Park Poznań, Poland. The new centre is expected to serve 140 Tesco stores from September and will act as its main warehouse for the region.

Adam Manikowski, chief executive of Tesco Poland, said the new centre, which is being developed by British-based company Segro, will reduce the annual mileage of its lorries by 12.9%.

PPF wants FRP Advisory to be appointed as second BHS administrator

The Pension Protection Fund (PPF) has asked for a second administrator to be appointed for BHS. 

PPF demanded that FRP Advisory be appointed as a new BHS administrator alongside Duff & Phelps to conduct an investigation into the roles of the chain's former owners, Sir Philip Green and Dominic Chappell.

Usdaw demands open discussion on pay and pension changes from Marks & Spencer

Usdaw shop workers union has asked Marks & Spencer to have an open discussion on proposed pension changes. M&S has stated that new contract terms will be enforced if the employees do not willingly sign up to pay and pension changes.

M&S said staff would receive a one-off compensation payment to make sure that they are not financially grieved for the first two years, however, only those who sign up to a new contract will receive the compensation.

Affected workers say that the compensation will not help them beyond 2019 and urged M&S to discuss the issue.

Paris pledge to fight Amazon Prime Now service

Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo has decided to fight against Amazon after the retail company launched its same-day delivery service, Prime Now, in Paris with less than a week’s notice.

Hidalgo claims that Amazon’s same-day delivery service is expected to impact the business of local retailers and quality of life for locals.

The mayor of Paris also advocated the need to create laws to prevent “unfair competition” against retailers and traders and urged the government to establish such laws.