Retail news round-up: MPs sign amendment against Green, Musgraves resists price rise, and Dunnes staff win pay increase

MPs sign amendment to remove Green’s knighthood

MPs accused Sir Philip Green of beating BHS "black and blue" and taking "the rings from its fingers".

Not a single MP spoke up in support of Green; 116 MPs unanimously signed the amendment to strip him of his knighthood before the debate yesterday.

The motion has laid pressure on the secretive Honours Forfeiture Committee to strip Green of his honour.

Musgraves still resisting price rise

Musgraves and Unilever have been in talks for more than a week regarding a price rise, The Irish Independent reported.

Grocery giant Musgraves, behind the SuperValu and Centra chains, is resisting the rise – Unilever wants to up prices by 19% in some cases.

Musgraves is expected to run out of some products it stopped taking deliveries from Unilever a week ago. The company claims price hikes in Ireland won’t be felt by consumers because of the euro’s strength.