Ikea has said it is entering the next stage of its plans to ‘scale down’ in Russia and Belarus in response to the war in Ukraine.

Ikea store, Russia

Ikea will permanently close the purchase and logistics offices in Moscow and Minsk

The furniture retailer is set to reduce the number of colleagues in its workforce in the region and find new owners for its four factories there.

Ikea will also sell all its home furniture inventory and permanently close the two Inter Ikea-owned purchase and logistics offices in Moscow and Minsk.

As announced in March, Ikea operations in the region will remain shut, including the import and export of its products.

Since the announcement, Ikea has been able to provide support for colleagues in the region and has guaranteed six months’ salary plus benefits for all those affected.

Ikea said in a statement on its website: “The war in Ukraine has already had a terrible impact on so many people’s lives. It is a human tragedy that is continuing to affect people and communities. 

“Unfortunately the circumstances have not improved and the devastating war continues. Businesses and supply chains across the world have been heavily impacted and we do not see that it is possible to resume operations any time soon.”

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