Next has launched its own skincare brand, which consumers will be able to purchase directly from the retailer’s website.


The Woah range currently features 16 vegan skincare products

The range, called Woah, was developed by Next in partnership with a UK skincare development laboratory and manufacturer. 

It features 16 skincare products at present, all of which are vegan-friendly. Products in the initial launch include micellar water, masks, cleansers, eye creams and moisturisers, as well as suncream. 

Woah features products for both morning and night skincare routines, and contains ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, peptides and rose water.

Next stated that the products have already been independently tested by a panel of 60 consumers and are suited for the majority of skin types, adding that the ingredients are “scientifically proven to be effective”.

The retailer will also offer a range of kits and beauty boxes featuring the new products on its site.

Next’s foray into skincare marks the latest move by a fashion retailer into the world of health and beauty. In May, Zara revealed it would launch its own beauty range in store and online.