Lovehoney has launched its first physical pop-up store in London in a bid to “experiment” with educating customers about their sexual happiness offline.

The sex toy etailer has opened its first physical store in London in a bid to drive sales and learn more about its customers.

Chief executive Sarah Warby, who was appointed in August, says the store is “an experiment to see what happens when we bring the Lovehoney brand to life”.

Sarah Warby, Lovehoney CEO

“The Lovehoney brand lives online, it is our beating heart. We are an ecommerce business and this is not signalling some plan to dominate the high street. But our customers are highly engaged and we want to see what that looks like the physical world,” she says.

Lovehoney’s pop-up is open until November 14 and allows shoppers to build a ‘12 days of Christmas’ playbox from a selection of 24 products on sale. For £50, shoppers can select any 12 products ranging from massage balms to flavoured lubricants, vibrators and butt plugs.

The store and range has been selected to help what Warby describes as “sex toy novices” find the right products for them, and will be staffed by Lovehoney experts who can advise shoppers on which products would suit their needs.

“Lovehoney was the first business in our industry to put reviews on our website and now we have over 40 million of them. We have a wonderful community of shoppers alongside our buyer’s guides and how-to videos, so this is about bringing all the expertise together and seeing what we can learn,” says Warby.

“If you think a product could be for you but I don’t know how to start, Lovehoney has proved it is a great brand to help you through that journey because there is a sex toy for everyone, it is just about finding what you like. Part of the logic behind launching this store is giving us the chance to experiment with a conversation rather than static reviews.”

Warby explains the retailer has no immediate plans to open more pop-ups or establish a further bricks-and-mortar presence.

She adds: “The aim here is to learn what happens when we talk to our customer for real face to face. We’ll be asked lots of questions in the next few weeks that will be so helpful for us. For me, the definition of success for this store is what we learned by meeting our customers.”